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What is goal #17?

What is goal number 17?


The goal that we are working on is SDG # 17- “partnership for the goals”. This goal is about worldwide partnership to achieve the SDGs. This goal is very important, because besides the fact that it raises the global partnership, it contains many other important targets within it. For example, sharing essential information with other countries, helping developing countries with technology and many more things.

What has been done?


Humanity was always torn between local and national identities and the universal need for unity, 

in order to deal with global crises. One critical step in the long way to international collaboration was done long before the formation of the SDG project: the establishment of the UN, a platform for international cooperation for peace and prosperity. Over the years of its existence, the UN has accomplished many operations for global fraternity and prosperity. International Political entities, like the EU, offers hope for a more pluralistic and connective governmental platform. The development of the internet created new opportunities for sharing knowledge between countries and continents. We have the tools for creating a world of partnership and cooperation; we just need to make the right choice.

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